Publications by Latinx Caucus Members

The NCTE CCCC Latinx Caucus Works Cited Google Doc was first circulated in 2014 via the caucus listserv. It represents a digital archive of citations contributed by members of the caucus. Cruz Medina explains in a Composition Studies piece titled “Identity, Decolonialism, and Digital Archives,” this Google Doc “create[s] a collaborative archive for members to consult when embarking on new projects and to raise awareness of shared research interests” (223). In June 2017, an informal analysis of the caucus Google Doc showed some 160 citations by approximately 30 or so different scholars, primarily from the last ten years or so (Medina 223). As of January 2018, the total count was 253 citations from 40 members of the Latinx Caucus. Cruz Medina and his research assistant at SCU (Perla Luna) are currently in the process of collecting citations from members within the Latinx Caucus.